Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging

NNV ontvangt predicaat Koninklijk

NNV-voorzitter Diederik Jekel ontvangt de oorkonde uit handen van commissaris van de Koning in Noord-Holland, Arthur van Dijk. Foto: Elmer van de Marel.

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Natuurkundige? Dan word je natuurlijk lid van de NNV.

Gratis posters voor het vo

Vol trots kondigen we onze nieuwe posters aan. Omdat de NNV in 2021 haar 100-jarig bestaan viert, bieden we een gratis set van 6 nieuwe posters aan voor in het natuurkundelokaal. Zie voor meer info:


Ons prachtige 'Grote-duik-in-de-wereld-van-de-Natuurkundekwartet', bestel het ook!

Vorige Volgende


Various sections are active within the NNV. There are two kinds of Sections, one subject-oriented and the other more broadly oriented. Subject-oriented sections focus on a specific field of physics, such as subatomic physics. The more broadly oriented sections focus on subjects of interest to all physicists, such as Energy and Climate, or Business and Innovation.

Sections organize their activities independent of the Board. Such activities could include meetings, conferences and excursions. As a member of the NNV, you are entitled to free membership of any or all sections. Your name is passed on to the sections concerned, after which they will send you information and invitations.

The NNV has the following sections:

Section Atomic, Molecular and Optical physics (AMO) 

Section Energy and Climate

Section History and Foundations of Physics 

Section Education and Communication 

Section Physics of Plasmas and Gas discharges (PG) 

Section Subatomic Physics (SAF)