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De Robbert

Dit feestjaar, waarin de Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging 100 jaar bestaat, vraagt om een speciale editie van het NTvN: de Robbert! Zie voor een gratis pdf.

Gratis posters voor het vo

Vol trots kondigen we onze nieuwe posters aan. Omdat de NNV in 2021 haar 100-jarig bestaan viert, bieden we een gratis set van 6 nieuwe posters aan voor in het natuurkundelokaal. Zie voor meer info:


FYSICA 2021 is op 16 april, dit jaar is deelname gratis vanwege ons feestjaar. Kijk voor meer informatie op

100 jaar NNV in 2021

De NNV viert in 2021 haar 100-jarig bestaan!

Vorige Volgende

This is the site of the Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging, in English: Netherlands' Physical Society. The most important information has been translated in English. If you want more information, please contact us, or visit our Dutch homepage.

The annual conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society, FYSICA, is an English-language event. FYSICA is held in early April and organized annually, in cooperation with a Dutch university. For more information for the next edition and those of the past, see


Open and free communication

Science thrives by virtue of open and free communication. Meetings with colleagues of all nationalities and cooperation across borders are of vital importance for the progress of science, for the spreading and growth of knowledge. The Netherlands' Physical Society NNV is devoted to defending the interests of science and scientists in continuing fruitful and peaceful international cooperation.

The recent implementation of an executive order by the new administration in the United States forms a threat to the international character of science, and in particular for the scientific career of our colleagues having a (second) nationality of one of the states targeted by the measure. Many of our colleagues have signed a petition ( against the travel restrictions. In consultation with other learned societies around the world the NNV will continue to defend the importance of free scientific communication and exchange of ideas.