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Gratis posters voor het vo

Vol trots kondigen we onze nieuwe posters aan. Omdat de NNV in 2021 haar 100-jarig bestaan viert, bieden we een gratis set van 6 nieuwe posters aan voor in het natuurkundelokaal. Zie voor meer info:

100 jaar NNV in 2021

De NNV viert in 2021 haar 100-jarig bestaan!

Vorige Volgende

NNV Diversity Prize

The Netherlands’ Physical Society (NNV) is searching for institutes or departments doing an excellent job on the promotion of diversity and gender equality within the organisation. To honour these institutes, the NNV has established the NNV Diversity Prize.

With the award, the NNV wants to contribute to the promotion of diversity and gender equality in departments and institutes of physics or astronomy in the Netherlands. The prize is a tribute and hopefully the rewarded institute will serve as an inspiring example for other institutes.

For the NNV, promotion of diversity and gender equality stands for the ambition to reflect the composition of society in the composition of the institute. Above that, the institute offers students and employees equal opportunities, despite gender, background, origin, convictions or orientation.

In the selection process, the jury looks into the following:

  • How did the institute strive for diversity and gender equality and what has been achieved?
  • How is the policy disseminated in the physics & astronomy community and in the Dutch society?
  • What measures are taken to ensure good results in the future as well?

Are you working at a university or research institute for physics/astronomy and proud of what your institute achieved in this topic? Make sure that your institute will sign up for this biennial prize.

The award consist of a trophy, a certificate and the right to use the logo of the NNV Diversity Prize. Application can be done by the director of an institute. Questions? Please contact Noortje de Graaf.